Secrets of a Chocoholic


Hello. My name is Jenn and I’m a chocoholic. I came to terms with my addiction at a very young age, and it’s a habit I’m certainly not looking to cure. Some people have a sweet tooth. I have a mouth full.

I never understand when people say they’re too full for dessert. Personally, I have a separate compartment for such things. Dessert isn’t about being hungry. It’s about ending a meal on a sweet note with a happy memory dancing on your tongue.

There’s something special about that select menu of rich cakes, hand-whipped zabagliones and delicate crepes that makes my heart flutter. It’s like I’ve won the golden ticket and there’s hope on the horizon that my dining experience has not yet concluded. The aroma of brewing cappuccino means a biscotti isn’t far behind as a promise of baked goods fills the air.

While dessert may be an afterthought to some, brilliant folks like Max Brenner have made it into a meal. A few months ago I sat down for brunch by the famous bald man in NYC for a choco-fest of sorts. The options range from hazelnut, marshmallow and peanut butter pizza to a syringe filled with liquid chocolate. All you could eat sweets was the name of the game and I was eagerly up for the challenge. This sugar high heaven made me realize why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I reminisce with a mouthwatering recap:

(Scroll over each photo for a yummy description!)


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