Not Because It Was Valentine’s Day…


I have mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. My husband and I love and respect each other year-round, and don’t exactly appreciate the Hallmark-ification (I’m a writer so I can make up words) of a feeling we express on a daily basis.

That being said, no matter what date on the calendar it is, we always have to eat. Therefore, just like any other ordinary day, I planned last night’s dinner menu.

When I saw our favorite Italian market ran out of heart-shaped lobster ravioli, I was inspired to make my own. For me, it represented a culinary challenge I wanted to conquer. I had recently re-watched Julie and Julia, and felt like I could do anything. (Plus, I knew if all else failed, pizza was just a phone call away.)

I was beyond excited to dive head first into something new. Besides, I felt comfort in knowing that even if it didn’t turn out as desired, the fact that I tried would be good enough. I think one of the attributes to a happy marriage is appreciating each other’s efforts. In our case, it often really is the thought that counts.

Sure, I could’ve easily chosen to make reservations instead of dinner, but the process wouldn’t have been as rewarding. While I was cooking, I could literally feel the energy running through my veins as I incorporated ingredients, and gingerly folded delicate sheets of pasta that I formed with my own polished fingers. It was an exhilarating experience creating something out of nothing, and I couldn’t wait to share my accomplishment with my husband.

This ravioli dish involved many layers, which I found to be very symbolic of a relationship. A coating of sauce shielded the pasta, encouraging me to pass through the surface. Next, a sheet of cooked dough represented a semi-tough exterior that proved to be fragile when I cut into it. Underneath it all was a soft, yet hearty center revealing its true flavor. The various components united together to form an everlasting symmetry. Each great on its own, but once joined, they bonded as a unit greater than the sum of its parts. Just like a marriage.

And so, on Valentine’s Day, as cheesy as it may have been, I couldn’t help but light a few candles and share a home cooked meal with the man I love. If nothing more than an inspiration to try a new dish, I suppose it was okay to acknowledge the occasion. In my heart, I knew I would adore my husband just as much, if not more, on February 15th.

**Stay Tuned for Lobster Ravioli Recipe**


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