Food Paradise at Eataly NYC


Eataly in NYC is my equivalent of a foodie Disneyland. Brilliant concept. Outrageous dishes. A great place to spend any day, any time.

Focusing on sustainable agriculture, this multifaceted building boasts a full fresh market filled with local produce, meats and fishes as well as natural beauty and skincare products made from foods such as yogurt, milk and honey. Along with a culinary bookstore, housewares section and six different restaurants, it’s no wonder my friends and I spent a fast seven hours dining and exploring.

We started with a midday snack, ate our way through dinner, wrapped up the evening with coffee and dessert and went shopping in between. Our afternoon began at Birreria, the beer garden on Eataly’s 14th floor. Just an elevator ride away to an open space complete with a retractable roof welcoming the skyline all-year round.

I felt immersed in the city as I sipped on a couple of microbrews: Dogfish Head’s gluten-free strawberry Tweason’ale with hints of molasses and buckwheat honey, as well as Madamim’s sour LoverBeer which made me pucker up for more. If you’re not a connoisseur, you will soon become one. Featured in their wide selection of unique craft beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally carbonated brews, made in-house by Dogfish Head, Baladin and Del Borgo.

We leisurely filled ourselves with fresh wheat bread presented in individual paper bags, and a cheese trio of ricotta fresca, taleggio and robiola bosina complimented by honey and hazelnuts. An Italian meat platter of speck, sopressata, mortadella, cacciatorini and coppa and a bowl of assorted olives rounded out the meal. This was only the beginning.

After a relaxing warm up, we made our way downstairs to La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant for the main event. I delighted in pansotti di ricotta e spinaci, which beautifully translates into delicate housemade pasta filled with local ricotta and spinach in a bright, heavenly lemon butter sprinkled with pistachios. I’m still thinking about it.

For dessert, we walked over to Caffe Lavazza where I indulged in torta di nocciole, a hazelnut and chocolate flourless cake topped with hazelnuts and powdered sugar. When paired with a mug of piemonte, a double espresso enriched by intense notes of cocoa, kissed by whipped cream and dark chocolate flakes, the result was spectacular. I’m looking forward to many more visits as I chew my way through Eataly.


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  1. Sustainable agriculture? This would leave me to believe they had some organic products too and if so then I’ll have to plan a trip down. In the fall I took my first visit to the High Line Park and Chelsea Indoor Market right beneath it. It sounds like they are very similar…you should make a Chelsea/High Line visit if you’ve never been!

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