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Did you know the classic chocolate chip cookie was created by accident? When baker Ruth Wakefield attempted to turn her recipe for butter drop cookies into chocolate cookies, the pieces of chocolate never melted fully, leaving us with one of the most recognizable and delicious treats enjoyed today.

Now it’s your turn! Have you had a divine discovery when a certain snack fell into the deep fryer or skip a step while following a recipe and create a masterful cuisine? I want to know how your happy accident worked out for you! Tell That’s SO Jenn how you’ve salvaged a meal in the kitchen and turned an “oops” into a “wow” for a chance to win!

Two winners will receive a hand painted silver oven recipe box from Tatutina and free shipping (Continental US) on your next order at The two winning recipes will be featured on, posted on That’s SO Jenn LLC’s Facebook page and mentioned on Twitter. All submissions will be eligible to be posted as a guest recipe on

Ready to enter? Only 3 simple steps and you’re on your way!

  1. Send your cooking or baking “oops” recipes to That’s SO Jenn using the form below.
  2. Subscribe to www. (submit your e-mail at the top right, that’s it!)

  3. ‘Like’ That’s SO Jenn LLC and Tatutina on Facebook or follow @That’sSOJennblog and @Tatutina on Twitter.

Submissions will be accepted through June 15, 2012 at 11:59PM. For a list of official contest rules, please click below:


Enter to win a hand painted silver oven recipe box from Tatutina. The perfect place to store all your “oops” and gourmet recipes!


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