Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Sandwiches


It’s no secret that I love dessert. I’ve told you time and time again about my more the merrier attitude and chocoholic ways. There are few treats as satisfying as a classic chocolate chip cookie, unless that means sandwiching Nutella between another one of its kind, dunking it in said filling and rolling it in chopped hazelnuts. While I’m a sucker for all things chocolate with peanut butter, I find hazelnuts to be the fancier cousin who plays well with others and shakes things up.

I often refer to using your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes because many of you have classics from your childhood or a great suggestion from a friend. Some of us busy women even turn to the boxed mix every now and again to help us along. I switch it up each time, depending on what ingredients I have in the house, and how much labor I have time to execute. Do you have any you want me to try? Please comment below or email for a shout out and recipe test drive on That’s SO Jenn.

And now, on to the good part: How to make them yourself.


Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (please share!)

2-3 cups Nutella

About 2 cups chopped hazelnuts


Bake cookies according to your recipe and allow to cool.

Turn cookies over and drop 1-2 tablespoons Nutella in the center of half your cookies, leaving the rest plain.

Cover the Nutella halves with plain chocolate chip cookies to make a sandwich.

Microwave Nutella in 30 second intervals, stirring each time. You want it to be melted enough for easy dipping, but be sure it doesn’t singe.

If you can only find whole hazelnuts, crush them in a food processor or using a kitchen mallet.

Dunk one side of cookie sandwiches in softened Nutella and roll in crushed hazelnuts.

To help them set up faster, freeze them on parchment paper for about 10 minutes.

Eat and enjoy these decadent treats!


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