Champagne Cake Floats with Strawberries


You know how they say if you keep thinking about something that means you really want it? Well…

While on our honeymoon, we were greeted with champagne just about everywhere we went. Check-in at the hotel lobby, the entrance of the VIP beach, a chilled bucket waiting for us in our suite–You name the place, and I can pretty much guarantee there was a toast to be made.

During one of our exploration days, my hubby and I ventured across the grounds where we were staying. The two of us made our way to a little gelato stand where they were serving a variety of fresh, creamy flavors in plastic cups. We opted for a unique choice; vanilla with generous hunks of pound cake running through it.

We were greeted by the friendly local behind the counter, and as soon as we mentioned the word, ‘newlyweds’, out popped a cork. Must be some sort of ritual here. I could get used to this. He filled one cup with a scoop of frozen delight and the other with some celebratory bubbly.

The balancing act of having both hands full was all too much, so I consolidated the two. Magic. Gelato, cake, champagne…what could be bad? It was like a grown up ice cream float. For years I’ve been dreaming of recreating my experience, so I chose to wrap up cake week by giving it a go. This time I added sliced juicy strawberries to the mix to compliment the other components.

To be sure my memory served me correctly, I enlisted some friends to help taste test. You know you’re surrounded by good people when they eagerly agree to assist you with your research. Thanks friends.


1 bottle champagne

Vanilla bean gelato

Vanilla cake

Sliced strawberries


Cut cake into cubes.

Place a few spoonfuls of gelato in your champagne flute and top with cake and sliced strawberries, parfait style. Add another layer of gelato, cake and berries and top off with a splash of champagne. You want just enough so there are a few sips on the bottom.

Eat, drink and enjoy immediately!


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