That’s SO Jenn’s Ingredient Challenge


I don’t know about you, but I happen to have a very full pantry. And fridge. And freezer. And kitchen cabinet…full of food. Even though it’s fairly organized (my frozen items have recently been categorized into labeled buckets and my spice rack has a list of duplicates for when I run out), I still manage to go grocery shopping on a frequent basis. On those days when a spontaneous market run leaves me without an inventory check, I sometimes even end up with unnecessary doubles.

My husband and I so want to be the coupon clipping, weekly menu planning type who has a week’s worth of meals scheduled every Sunday evening, but that’s just not us. It’s not even me, and I’ve had holiday gifts stashed in the closet since spring.

This weekend, however, we got to talking and decided to make a game out of it. Sure, we’ve had plenty of spontaneous ‘Iron Chef Nights‘ where we’ve chosen our secret ingredients from our in-house selection. Five days worth however? I feared I would end up with mustard sandwiches by Friday afternoon.

So we put together a brief list, and I do mean brief because the beach was awaiting us, and came up with a few rough ideas. My  task? To  execute successful dinners without running to the store. Ready to join me? Check back tomorrow to find out what ends up our table tonight!

Want to play along at home? Even if just for a night? Let me know what meals you come up with this week!


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