White chocolate gems


*As seen on CT Style News 8*

The world of melting chocolate has no limits as far as what it can become. You can get milk, dark or white chocolate flavors, it’s available in almost every color of the rainbow and it sets up very quickly. Perfect for coating dessert haystacks, making sweet/crunchy bark and yes, pouring into molds.

For my recent bridal shower segment on CT Style, I found gemstone molds with different shaped diamonds and jewels–The perfect complement to an event based upon getting an engagement ring! I melted some white chocolate into each shell and once they were ready to be popped out (about ten minutes in the fridge and they’re all set!), I brushed them with luster dust. Ie: edible glitter. Then, I spread them with a touch of frosting to stick on shimmery gold sprinkles and used writing pens to create pave diamonds.

These were so much fun to make; pretty much arts and crafts in the kitchen. (Paintbrushes were involved!) So if you love detail oriented creative projects, this one is for you!


Gem chocolate molds

White melting chocolate

Luster dust

Colored sugar

Writing pens


Irredescent sprinkles

Vanilla extract or lemon juice


Melt chocolate and pour into mold.

Using an icing knife or flat edge, smooth out the top of the mold.

Refrigerate for about ten minutes, and pop out chocolates. Dust edible glitter (luster dust) onto gems using a clean paint brush and embellish any way you choose! To ‘paint’ the luster dust on the gems, mix the powder with vanilla extract or lemon juice.

Spread a thin layer of frosting to allow colored sugar and sprinkles to stick.

Eat and enjoy as a garnish on your cakes, cupcakes or all by themselves!

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