Only 3 Days Left to Vote! (Including today!)


Hi Friends! I promise another post is coming soon, but I just have to give this one last push while I still have the time. There are ONLY 3 DAYS left to vote for me to be Taste of Home’s Mrs. Holiday, which means you can vote once a day through Friday! One minute of your time for three days = 3 minutes of your time to change my life! Will you do it? Please? Help out a fellow blogger, foodie, writer, recipe creator, someone with a goal? Your little gesture will go a long way, and doesn’t that make you feel so good?! For those of you who have been voting daily, you’ve gotten me chosen as an Editor’s Pick and pushed me into to the top 15! If you haven’t voted yet, please read below for information on how easy it is! (And check out my Mrs. Holiday media rounds below!) THANK YOU!!

Vote for Jenn Press Arata to be Taste of Home’s Mrs. Holiday!

You know how they say if you do something you love you never have to work a day in your life? Well, I’ve been given the opportunity to be named Taste of Home Magazine’s Mrs. Holiday, which is literally my dream job wrapped in a bow! (Don’t we all deserve a shot at our dreams?)

Ever since I was a little girl throwing gourmet tea parties for my dolls, I’ve known this was exactly what I want to be doing. Now that I’m an adult and get to cook for real people like you, I’ve been able to take my career goals to the next level. But I can only go so far and so fast on my own, which is why I’m reaching out to you–my dedicated and loyal friends and followers, for a little support. That’s what friends are for, right?

So if you wouldn’t mind, I would sincerely appreciate if you would please vote for me and spread the word! It only takes a moment, and your vote could be the one that wins! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, hire a sky writer. (I mean, don’t we all have a sky writing guy on speed dial??)

Just think: A brief minute of your time could add up to a positive change for my lifetime! Wouldn’t it feel so good to have contributed to that?

You can vote for me up to once a day through Sept 7th. Here’s how:

1. Click here. The link will bring you to Taste of Home’s Facebook page. They will prompt you to ‘like’ them so you can enter and vote the first time. Every day after that, you can just log on. (Once you ‘like’ them, they may verify you are logged onto FB. You are.)

2. Then, click on the pink “Vote Now” button and search “Jenn Arata” to find my video for Winter Mint Surprise Cupcakes. Then….vote! :) Right now I’m on the second page of the Editor’s Picks!

  • Please note, the link isn’t compatible with smart phones—not so smart, ha!—So you will have to do this using a computer (how old school) or iPad.

Thank you SO much for your support! Let’s win this thing together! (I mean, imagine the party we could throw to celebrate!)

With Sincere Gratitude,

Jenn Arata

 In the Media:

That’s SO Jenn promotes Mrs. Holiday contest on WVOX Radio

That’s SO Jenn’s Mrs. Holiday Interview in the Fairfield Sun

That’s SO Jenn talks bridal showers and Mrs. Holiday contest on CT Style News 8


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