Never Forget– Eleven Years Later


Every day is not a cause for celebration. Some days we need to sit quietly, reflect and feel emotions, even if they’re not always joyous. Today is one of those days. A day where each of us can flashback to the moment where we heard the horrific happenings, and the panic-stricken feelings that sunk in.

It’s not a time for my funny stories, silly puns or personal anecdotes. Not appropriate for great recipes or stellar restaurant reviews. It’s a time to be real and face the impact of this day, these hours, a time when our lives were changed for good.

May whatever meals you eat today, be spent with family and friends. Sit around the table and surround yourself with those who are most important to you. Together, find ways to reach inner peace and contentment.  Be grateful for loved ones in your life and realize the magnitude of their presence.

Utmost respect to those who have worked tirelessly to put the pieces back together to make us whole again, and to those who continue to protect this great country of ours on a daily basis.

My heart goes out to everyone who was effected by today’s events. In one way or another, we all were.

That’s SO Jenn will return tomorrow. For tomorrow is a new day.


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