25-Hours Without Food (or drink)


This evening at sundown I will begin a 25-hour fast. No meals. No snacks. No beverages. Until sundown tomorrow night. Brilliant food blog post that talks about not eating, right?

This is not in an effort to follow the fads of dramatic weight loss, but instead to observe the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Without getting into depth, I will explain that just like the cleanses out on the market, this fast also gives us an opportunity to rid ourselves of toxins. In this case however, it pulls them from our hearts, minds and souls. It is a time of forgiveness and acceptance as well as an opportunity for a feeling of freshness as we move on towards the next chapter. While most of us embrace this idea every December 31st, our traditions suggest we take this to another level for the Jewish New Year.

So is it continually difficult to stand during services for many hours on an empty stomach, not being able to quench that immediate thirst or satiate our hunger? Absolutely. But isn’t that a little bit about life? Not always having everything we want right away and learning patience and will power? With so many options for quick foods at our fingertips it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate how fortunate we are to have healthy and delicious options at our disposal. Taking time to be introspective, quiet and calm can heighten our awareness, redirect our focus and often be even more filling than food itself. Well, at least for 25 hours.

Wishing all those observing a ‘fast’ and easy fast!

That’s SO Jenn will return on Thursday with a full stomach and my grandma’s famous noodle kugel recipe!


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