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You know that feeling when you’re trying to catch up with a friend and neither of you can find the right time to chat? I’m not talking about those mini, multi-tasking convos you have as you switch from a pleasant tone of voice to suddenly screaming over speaker phone, then over to hands-free blue tooth, which turns into awkwardly balancing the phone between your head and shoulder as you strain your neck while shuffling grocery bags into the house and letting the dog out.

I’m talking a real conversation that takes focus, heart and often meaningful words as you check in about your week.

Well friends, that’s how I’ve felt about catching up with you these past few days! I’ve so badly wanted to hear how you’re doing and share all the exciting things I’ve been preparing for last night’s Halloween bash and tomorrow’s episode of CT Style (12:30, News 8!), but I’ve been so focused on creating concepts, making dishes and taking pictures that I haven’t had a proper moment to sit down and tell you all about it!

Want some yummy goodies while you’re stuck inside during the storm? Get ready for festive sweet treats you can make in five minutes or less and/or five ingredients or less! Stay safe and stay tuned! ~Jenn


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