Friendly Marshmallow Ghost Pops


Happy Halloween! Although many town’s trick-or-treating was postponed until next week due the storm, we can still make the best of it with festive goodies at home.

First up, these soft, smushy little Caspers on a stick (everyone loves food on a stick!) with edible sugar eyeballs and an MnM mouth! Serve them in a dish full of pumpkin candy corn to keep them propped up for a tw0-for-one snack!

Want to watch me make them on TV? Tune in to my CT Style segment tomorrow (11/1) at 12:3oPM on channel 8! Keep checking back for lots more fun ideas from That’s SO Jenn all morning!


Jumbo campfire marshmallows

Sugar eyeballs (can be found at any kitchen store, craft store or major superstore)

Brown MnMs (can substitute for chocolate Cheerios as well!)

Vanilla frosting

Candy corn, optional

You will also need: lollipop sticks


Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of vanilla frosting to each eyeball and stick them to the top of your marshmallow.

Dab frosting on a brown MnM and push it into the bottom of your marshmallow to form a mouth.

If desired, shape the ghost’s head using a kitchen scissor.

Push a lollipop stick through the bottom, being careful not to puncture the top.

Serve in a dish full of candy corn, as shown above. Eat and enjoy this spook-tacular delight!


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