Red Velvet Cake Dip


Happy November everyone! It may be a new month, but here in CT Halloween won’t be celebrated for another week. Trick-or-treating has been postponed until next Wednesday and my segment on CT Style has officially been moved to today at 12:30 on channel 8! When it comes to celebrations is there really ever too much time to live it up?

Fortunately, this recipe is in season all year long! Similar to the sugar cookie dip, I prepared this version using only two ingredients: vanilla Greek yogurt and boxed red velvet cake mix! That’s it! You get that sweet taste we love without baking a thing. Plus, this inviting bright red hue is very appropriate for Halloween festivities.


1 package red velvet cake mix

2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt

Chocolate graham crackers for serving


In a large mixing bowl, stir the sugar cookie mix and yogurt together until smooth.

Eat and enjoy with chocolate graham crackers and any of your favorite go-to dippers!

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