Sweet Potato Boats with Gingerbread Marshmallows and Pineapple


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Sweet potato casserole has become a staple at many Thanksgiving tables, but the sticky mess is often hard to serve. The marshmallows glue themselves onto the spoon, pulling away from the proper ratio. Then there are those guests who just slice off the top to eat the fluffy stuff, leaving the poor veggie behind. A solution? Individual portions so everyone can take one (or many) on their plate with the ideal amount of everything all in one forkful. This is great for buffet-style entertaining to keep the line moving, and easy for passing at sit-downs. Who wants to sit there holding a heavy casserole dish while someone else scoops out the amount they desire?!

The baked sweet potatoes are no-fuss and can be halved or quartered for easy grabbing. Pile them high with chopped or crushed pineapple and gingerbread…yes, gingerbread!…flavored marshmallows for a comforting spiced side that will have everyone talking.

That’s SO Jenn’s Tip: Arrange your sweet potatoes in three rows: plain, marshmallow only and marshmallow with pineapple. Something for everybody!


(Each sweet potato makes 2-4 servings.)

Sweet potatoes

Canned chopped or crushed pineapple

Gingerbread marshmallows


Bake sweet potatoes according to your preferred method. About an hour in the oven at 350° or in the microwave until fork tender.

Slice potatoes into halves and mash the insides with a fork.

Top with pineapple.

And marshmallows.

Seriously, how cute are these?!

Return to hot oven or microwave to melt marshmallows, about a minute or two. If you want them campfire style, place under the broiler.

Eat and enjoy these Thanksgiving flavors!


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