That’s SO Jenn Gets A Review… And a Week Off



Well friends in this entire year of blogging I’ve never gone more than two days without posting, even while under some pretty extreme circumstances. However, this week I’m finally giving myself a vacation (!)

I’m sure I’ll have the urge to write while I’m away (it’s very hard for me to fully relax without first accomplishing a day’s work!), but after these past two weeks of television and radio appearances and my 2-hour live cooking demo, I think I’ve earned a little break!

A rested and (hopefully) tanned That’s SO Jenn will return next Monday!

Until then, here’s a little reading material for you:

The tables are turned! A guest at my cooking demo gives That’s SO Jenn a review on his blog,

A Foodie’s Inquisition. Check it out!

Have a delicious week everyone!


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