Tis the Season to Be Eating…Or is That All Year Round?


We’ve been having such a wonderful extra long weekend, and with Hubby around I’ve lost track of time! What a fantastic feeling that is! My cousins from Maryland came to visit us from Friday evening through Monday afternoon and I cooked up quite a feast.

For dinner I prepared homemade meatballs and sauce (recipe coming soon!) over fettuccine, spreadable roasted garlic and my french onion soup.


I filled my cake dome with two different kinds of cookies (I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow!), and made another batch with the girls that I brought to the Christmas Eve party Hubby and I attended Monday night.

photo 2

For Monday night’s feast, I brought over Hubby’s grandmother’s deviled eggs (the triple batch I made was gone in the blink of an eye!) and prepared my Nanny’s latkes for everyone who was gathered around the table. Looks like our Chanukah spirit continued even after the holiday ended…


The theme of the night was seven fishes so as a goof, I spread out Goldfish and Swedish fish on a crystal platter. Ha!

photo 1

Yesterday morning we started our day off according to their tradition, with a shot of whiskey.
photo 3

While others gathered in the kitchen whisking up scrambled eggs and guacamole, cutting bagels and spreading cream cheese with lox, I made a stack of my mancakesbacon filled pancakes–for the crowd.

photo 5

It was quite lovely sitting down to a meal so many of us contributed to. Even when I’m a guest in people’s homes, I still manage to wind up in the kitchen…And we know I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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