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This morning I received an email from a reader requesting more figure-friendly meals that she can cook for her new Hubby while staying on track. I’m always thrilled to hear your feedback and eager to write recipes for any requests from dietary restrictions to allergy concerns etc., so I’m excited to get to work creating options in this genre!

I use olive oil or cooking spray instead of butter in most of my recipes and often utilize low-fat cheese as well. Feel free to make necessary swaps to suit your needs and always contact me with questions if you are looking for flavor alternatives.

If any of you are on specific plans (Weight Watchers, Paleo…) I would be happy to calculate points/nutrition facts accordingly. Just say the word!

While I know there’s certainly a distinction between low-calorie and healthy, I spent the day going through That’s SO Jenn to find some of the lighter fare I’ve posted. I know it’s easy for these dishes to get lost in the shuffle so you can use this page as a reference moving forwards.

Although I’ll certainly continue to prepare indulgent comfort foods and desserts, I’ll also be doing my part to come up with meals that you can feel good about eating so we can all have a very healthy year ahead!

Main dishes:

Rosemary grilled chicken

Quinoa stuffed peppers

Shrimp and soba stir fry

Vegetarian ‘ground beef tacos’

Tilapia and halibut ceviche

Crabcake burgers with dijon greek yogurt sauce

Grilled fish tacos with corn slaw and peach salsa

Garlic baked polenta with red clam sauce

Slow cooker vegetable soup

Lasagna-style polenta bake

Pan seared gnocchi with spicy green olive tapenade

Pastina fritatta

Roasted asparagus pesto with pan fried leeks

Arugula and kale pesto with sundried tomato veggie sausage

Rosemary, sweet potato, cheddar and black bean quesadillas with spiced pumpkin seed pesto

Poblano and montery jack quesadillas with chipotle olive oil

Snap, crackle and pop tofu nuggets


Kale salad

Horiataki salad

Couscous salad with parsley tomatoes & chickpeas

Corn, tomato and basil salad with olive viniagrette

Shaved brussels sprouts salad


Edamame dip

Sundried tomato white bean dip

Avocado crab dip

Roasted vegetable dip (scroll down on post for recipe)


Lemon garlic spinach

Sweet and savory roasted butternut squash

Sweet and spicy coleslaw

Sesame soy kale chips

Breakfast foods:

No-cook chia seed pudding

Sweet strawberry and dried cherry overnight breakfast oats

Garlic and herb egg and cheese breakfast cups


Pesto and sundried tomato stuffed mini portabellas

‘Light’ blue cheese and dried cherry appetizer pockets

Bite-sized spanakopitas

Mini taco cups

Skinny little piggies


Simple cinnamon baked apples

Chocolate almond milk pudding with dark chocolate covered gogi berries

Low-cal cinnamon sticky buns

Nonfat chocolate cherry pie milkshakes

Pumpkin spice muffin top cookies

Red velvet cake dip

Caramel apple fondue


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