That’s SO Jenn’s Big Ten: Uses for an Ice Cream Scoop


ice cream scoop

If I were to come out with a line of products, I would absolutely start with an ice cream scoop. While every cook has their own opinion on which kitchen gadgets/tools they find most necessary (a sharp knife, a wooden spoon etc.), I’ve realized this is one of my biggest go-tos! I own a variety of cutesy ones with painted cones at the end, but for practicality I turn to the same one I’ve been using for the past ten years. Seriously, ten years!

Back in college a friend gifted it to me from Williams Sonoma–stainless steel with the no-fuss lever–and it’s helped me make just about everything from sweet to savory.

Below, a list of ways you too can find multifunctional use for my very favorite tool:

  1. Serve homemade ice cream (obviously…)
  2. Portion out monster cookies (or chocolate chip MnM cookies…or pumpkin spice muffin top cookies)

  3. …or brookies

  4. Distribute frosting on cupcakes

  5. Prepare latkes

  6. Form quinoa cakes

  7. Place filling in mini pudding pies

  8. Shape fruity pebble treats

  9. Make crab cake burgers

  10. Create dessert haystacks

 Tell That’s SO Jenn: What do you find yourself using the most in your kitchen?

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