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If there’s ever an event dedicated to chocolate, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will be in attendance. Imagine a venue where after every few steps you take there is some kind of sweet dessert waiting for you. (Sounds like my house, actually!)

I’ve been to the Chocolate World Expo in NY a few different times so I was thrilled to learn it was coming to CT, especially because it was at the recently renovated Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk!

Hubby and I frequent these exhibits at least once a year for a fun date day out so we were really excited to have the best of both worlds. Where else can you observe chocolate dipped cannoli shells being filled with fresh cream and then touch a shark?!

cannoli fill

Scuteri’s Connoli Connection knows what they’re doing!


Of course I waited until I finished my cannoli before sticking my hands in the water, and then thoroughly washed them after…


We walked around visiting the various rows of vendors, tasting Unbakeables cookie dough bites (which will be featured on That’s SO Jenn!), truffles, candy coated pretzels, hand-made toffee, maple cotton candy, pies and gelato while taking in the aromas of chocolate covered waffles baking on a griddle. All this took place with gorgeous exotic fish and adorable sea lions serving as the backdrop. Such a unique experience.

While you know I could indulge in sweets for miles, Hubby tapped out after just a few rounds (I tried to coach him…com’on man, you can do this, stay focused!), so fortunately there were some savory options to balance out the confections dancing on our palates.

We came across tastings of JD Gourmet‘s specialty products who sent me home with gluten-free sweet potato pasta, fig balsamic vinegar and an Asian/Ginger olive oil for me to create recipes with for That’s SO Jenn! (Coming soon!).


I was also ecstatic to find mushroom borekas from Yona’s Gourmet Delights. This warm, flaky pastry topped with sesame seeds comes with a variety of fillings (potato, spinach…) and is something I absolutely loved when I was in Israel. I hadn’t had it in years! We actually bought a few, ate them and then went back for more! YUM.


We took a break from our sugar high to enjoy this nostalgic nosh on the benches in front of the jelly fish tank, soaking up the sites as well as the flavors.


I even decided to take the night off from cooking and took home Grandpa Pete’s Gourmet Dinner in a bag. Their vodka Sunday Sauce and ready-to-boil fresh-made pasta was a delicious break from making my own.


We also purchased cocoa pumpkin seeds from Kathie’s Kitchen LLC/Super Seedz, my new favorite snack! I want to try some recipes with it if I can stop myself from downing the whole bag…


However, amidst a very That’s SO Jenn day of yummy treats, the highlight for me was when we got to my favorite spot. Large carpeted steps line the walls, inviting you to take in the soothing floor to ceiling display of aquatic life. I rested in Hubby’s arms and took in the moment. And then, we got more chocolate.



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