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My Grandma Linda loves pistachio everything so for her birthday yesterday I wanted to come up with a unique recipe we she would enjoy. Last year I churned out a tub of pistachio ice cream (yum!) so this year I decided to try my hand at an all natural nut butter.

This fresh spread offers a subtle sweetness from agave syrup and is packed with nutritional value. I personally prefer the thicker consistency achieved here, but feel free to add more oil if you want to thin it out.

Try this as the perfect addition to your oatmeal (trust me, I tested it out!), smeared over a crostini with goat cheese (tried that too…), topped on crunchy apple slices (yup, tasted it…) or right out of the food processor! (Obviously…)

You can even have fun with presentation, storing it in jars, tying it with ribbon and creating your own labels for a lovely homemade gift or fun DIY project. A great craft for kids too!


1  cup shelled, dry roasted/salted pistachio nut meats

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 tablespoons agave syrup


Pour pistachios into your food processor bowl.


Pluse on “2” for about one minute.


Add agave and pulse for another minute.


The mixture will begin to come together at the base of the bowl.


Use a spatula to scrape up the paste and soften into a clump.


Add canola oil.


Pulse for a few seconds on the lower setting and empty contents into a jar or storage container.


If desired, embellish the jar with ribbon and/or a label.

pistachio jar

Eat and enjoy for your grandma’s birthday or any occasion you choose!


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  1. I made peanut butter this weekend. So delicious. Added a bit of honey, olive oil for some fruitiness and canola to loosen up the mixtures thickness. This process is a bit laborious especially if you are cracking and shelling the peanuts yourself. Agreed, its a fun weekend activity!

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