Worry-Free Raw Cookie Dough Bites? Hello Unbakeables!


unbakeables original               Photo Credit: Jessica Bandy                                                     

I’m sure we can all agree the best part of baking cookies is licking the batter. There’s something a bit rebellious about reserving that extra glob on the spatula, telling ourselves it wasn’t really enough to fit on the pan. If only our little voice inside warning us about ingesting raw egg would quiet down so we could relish in this guilty pleasure.

Enter: Whipped Up Creations’ Unbakeables.

Inspired by the desire for her husband and four children to enjoy a worry-free, raw cookie dough indulgence, Julie Tolkin created pre-portioned, eggless, ready-to-eat pucks that taste like they’re straight from the mixing bowl.

Now available in seven fun flavors (PB and J, dark chocolate mint…), the original was born out of Julie’s plan to prepare a special occasion treat.

“This was my family’s favorite dessert and I wanted to know how I could make it for their birthdays. You couldn’t serve a bowl of cookie dough so I had to figure out how to make it into a cake,” she said, explaining how she first molded her mixture by using cereal bowls and eventually cake pans to form the shape. “My sister makes her own milk chocolate peanut butter crunch cups so I used that as the top layer.”

There was no baking involved, no cake mix, and no leftovers. Her creation was such a hit that she started making it for her family on a regular basis, eventually turning the dough into the smaller, easy-to-grab portions available today.

“It’s so home-grown and organic in terms of the motivation which is why I love it,” Julie said. “We tried to find something nobody else made that was different and unique.”

Corey Tolkin, Julie’s daughter turned business partner said, “It’s a true family effort. My little brother came up with the final name, my cousin and older brother helped design the packaging, my sister is the official taste tester and advisor and my dad still comes up with new flavors.”

Right now their most popular combinations are chocolate chip dough topped with dark chocolate pretzel and birthday cake, which offers customizable colored sprinkles to fit any occasion.

unbakeablesbirthdaycake                   Photo Credit: Jessica Bandy

Unbakeables are egg and tree nut free and made with kosher ingredients. Plans to eventually introduce a vegan/gluten-free option are on the horizon as well. These melt-in-your-mouth gems are available in 3 pack or 10 pack tubes, which can be stored in your freezer for up to four months. Good luck not finishing them after four minutes.

Since their official launch in September 2011, they’ve made it into 11 local stores and can be found at various gift and trade shows throughout the year, including summertime farmers markets.

Whipped Up Creations also customizes orders for special events and cookie dough cakes. They even deliver unbakeables within a 20 mile radius of Weston, CT (there’s motivation to move!) and are working on shipping.

Check them out tomorrow, February 7th, at the Chocolate, Dessert and Wine Lover’s Evening in Stamford, CT and visit their website for more delicious details.


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