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Beer isn’t just for fraternity parties anymore. While the days of keg stands and funneling cans certainly aren’t behind us, the world of brewing has evolved into something much more sophisticated. Craft beers have become just as prevalent as fine wines, pairing them at formal tasting dinners, being showcased at festivals, and now, as the heart of group trips.

“It’s a celebration of what many would consider the best brewers from around the world,” Justin Mineo of Beer in Danish said about the all-inclusive beer excursion he’s leading in Denmark, May 1st-6th 2013. He will be sharing his expertise on both craft beer and the destination as a whole.

While the ultimate goal of his company is to highlight Copenhagen as a beer city, he said this first trip is even more approachable for a general craft beer fan. “There are awesome American craft brewers here that you may not even have access to living in the US.”

Activities will essentially center around the two-day festival known as the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. “It’s put on by Mikkeller who are one of the pioneers in the craft beer movement,” Mineo said. “The US is actually their largest market. You don’t just have to be nuts about Danish craft beer to go on this trip. It’s a very international crowd that will be attending.”

The five night getaway is designed to offer an extended opportunity for those wanting to fly in for the otherwise 48-hour event. “It’s for somebody who wants to make a vacation out of it. This is really going to be done right,” Mineo said. The package includes hotel accommodations in the middle of the city, a walking city tour, passes to the festival, several meals at restaurants, brewhouses and daily breakfast at the hotel, beer pairings and transportation. 

While there is an itinerary of unique beer related experiences lined up, attendees will be able to visit the festival on their own. “It’s not a hold your hand kind of trip,” Mineo said. “The festival is the highlight and I want people to have the freedom to go at their own pace.”

Other features include a vibrant street party outside Mikkeller Bar celebrating its anniversary, one-on-one events such as a Q & A and tasting with Danish brewers, a beer dinner at Den Tatoverede Enke and a private meal set up at Amager Bryghus Brewery in Copenhagen.

“The brewery is phenomenal. Essentially a beer lovers dream,” Mineo said. “They warehouse for Mikkeller and for some of the big importers that are set up in Copenhagen. It’s just amazing. They’re great guys and it will be cool to do a very exclusive thing at their brewery to cap off the trip.”

Spots are still available, but filling up quickly as Mineo plans to keep the group between 10 to 15 people. For more information and to purchase tickets contact Justin Mineo at 703-943-8426 or Visit Beer in Danish and like them on Facebook.

Keep an eye out for 3CROW, the restaurant/bar Mineo has been helping to open in Rockland, ME. (Hopefully as soon as March 1st!) The establishment will feature southern-style American food in the dining room and craft beer and whiskey at the bar. 





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