That’s SO Jenn’s Big Ten: Valentine’s Day Ideas That Don’t Cost a Thing


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Overpriced flower deliveries, limited restaurant menus, big crowds everywhere you go…no thank you! Below, That’s SO Jenn gives you ten memorable ways to spread your love without spending a dime.

1. Make macaroni art, color handmade cards and craft Valentines. With glitter. Lots of glitter.

2. Do something(s) nice for your partner and wait for them to notice. (Empty the dishwasher, fold their laundry…)

3. Take lots of pictures together then create a photo collage on the computer.

4. Go outside hand in hand. Walk in the rain. Run along the beach in the snow. Jump!

5. Cook something. Anything. Use only the ingredients in your house. See how many combinations the two of you can make.

6. Take turns setting up a scavenger hunt right under your roof. Learn how well you can figure out your partner’s clues.

7. Give a massage. Never underestimate the power of a massage.

8. Watch your other half’s favorite TV show (the one you always leave the room for!) then have him/her do the same for you.

9. Tell continuous jokes for sixty seconds. Use a stopwatch. Points goes to whoever gets the most laughter.

10. Cuddle. Find your coziest blanket, wrap your arms around each other. And just be.

Stay tuned for my Valentine’s Day segment, this Thursday at 12:30 on CT Style News 8!


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