Spinach with Feta and Pinenuts


It’s pretty clear that spinach and feta are a winning combination, and this dish is no exception. I mean what better way to get more veggies into our diet than by tossing them with cheese?? Here, the bright, leafy greens are added to a pan of sauteed garlic in stages, keeping them full bodied and free of er…shrinkage.

Pine nuts supply a surprising crunch, rounding out what will now be your new favorite side.

Although this yumtastic dish is Kosher for Passover, you will be glad to make this any time of year. It’s just that good.

1 lb spinach

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

A few cloves of garlic

A couple handfuls of pine nuts

About 1/2 cup crumbled feta (or more if you like!)


Chop garlic.


Add olive oil to a pan and sautee garlic until slightly golden.


Add spinach in doses, allowing it to cook down only slightly, quickly replenishing as you go on.


Top with feta cheese and pine nuts, stirring them over the heat to subtly melt the cheese.



Once all the spinach is in your pan, cook for a minute or two so it’s slightly tender, but not to the point of soggy and wilted.


Eat and enjoy next to just about anything!


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