High Protein Apple Cinnamon “Rice Pudding”



I have another one for you! Since no one went running for the hills when I mentioned, ehem, cottage cheeseyou still there?…I decided you were ready for another use of the whipped stuff…this time in a sweet way!

Mix it with healthy brown rice, a comforting baked apple, cinnamon and boom! (I really wanted to say BAM, but Emeril coined that awhile ago and now that I’m making a name for myself I need my own catch phrase. I don’t really want it to be ‘boom,’ but in this moment it just feels right.), you’ve got yourself a healthy rice-pudding type snack. Although I’m very mixed about adding sweeteners to this, you can opt for some Stevia in the Raw (Dr. Oz said it’s okay, so it must be, right?), agave syrup or even some raisins.

I KNOW this isn’t the same as using the typical pudding-like components such as egg yolks, butter (!) and whole milk, but that’s the whole point! We’re swapping out the white rice and highly caloric ingredients for necessary complex whole grain carbs (also gluten-free!) to keep you energized, and high protein dairy to keep you full, with no added sugar! The natural sweet-tartness from the baked apple will give you that dessert feel you’re looking for. Another perk? Even the tiniest amount of cinnamon can help with bloating! Sprinkle it on, baby!


*Per one person serving*

1/2 cup Friendship 1% low-fat whipped cottage cheese

1/4 cup cooked brown rice

1/2 a baked apple (get recipe here)

1 teaspoon cinnamon or to taste


Prepare brown rice according to directions and allow to cool.


Add whipped cottage cheese.




Toss in chopped baked apple.


Fold together.


Sprinkle in cinnamon.


Mix to incorporate.


Eat and enjoy this guilt-free sweet meal!


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