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Are you as excited as Hubby and I are for the Netflix release of Arrested Development‘s new season? We’ve been counting down the days, enjoying the hype of the replica Bluth booth that’s been setting up shop on its worldwide tour. Cast members Will Arnett and Jason Bateman even made an appearance at the Times Square location!

For those of you who haven’t gotten on board yet, first, DO, you won’t regret it. Secondly, to catch you up to speed, the off-beat family on the show owns/runs a very popular frozen banana stand. In honor of the kick off this Sunday, obviously I had to make this signature snack. Love peanut butter and nutella? Check out this yummy version as well.

The quirky sitcom has been off the air for seven years, and dedicated fans are anxiously awaiting to catch up with the characters after all this time. The best part? All the episodes will be released at once so we can get our fix immediately! Hubby and I look forward to parking ourselves on the couch and enjoying these delicious treats.

Remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.


*Makes 4 pops*

2 bananas

1 (12 oz.) package dark chocolate chips

Sprinkles, nuts, non-perils (optional)

You will also need:

4 popsicle sticks

Parchment paper

Peel each banana.


Cut it in half.


Place on a parchment lined baking sheet, and insert a popsicle stick through the flat bottom of each half.


Freeze for an hour.


Create a double broiler by adding water to a pot and placing a smaller pot over top. Pour chocolate chips into the smaller pot, and turn heat on high.


Stir constantly with a spatula, allowing the chocolate to melt.




Transfer the smooth chocolate to a bowl and coat each banana.


A spatula or butter knife are helpful ways to cover it. Work quickly so the chocolate doesn’t harden and the banana doesn’t become soft from the heat.


banana 2

If desired, roll bananas in your choice of crushed nuts, sprinkles, non-perils, coconut, cereal, cinnamon sugar, etc.


Freeze for about 20 minutes.


If you have kids (or messy adults!) cut a hole in a small paper plate and push the popsicle stick through to catch any drips.


b plate again

Eat and enjoy with the new season of Arrested Development!


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