NOLA: A Culinary Adventure



My heart began to palpitate, one swift beat after another. I felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement hitting me like a wave against my face, nearly taking my breath away. Butterflies filled my stomach, my eyes grew wide with childlike anticipation… and my mouth began to salivate.

That’s a pretty average response to reading a menu, wouldn’t you say?

Hubby and I are finally heading off on our 3-year anniversary foodie trip to New Orleans tomorrow and needless to explain, I cannot wait. My suitcase has been packed for weeks, our itinerary planned since November, and I’ve pretty much memorized every thoughtful, creative dish from each of the ‘must go’ spots on our list.

“Yes, thank you, waiter, I’ve been studying and I’m ready to order.”

We have tables reserved at some of the finest restaurants, as well as suggestions for those little hole in the wall gems tucked away in the city. We will be joining a renouned chef for a hands-on cooking class, as well as embarking on a culinary walking tour marking some of the top historical establishments for their staple meals. It’s a business trip, really….Research my friends. Research.

Of course by now you are more than fully aware of my sincere love for food. Cooking it, eating it, creating recipes with it, entertaining friends and family. But the feeling I get inside, this passion, this drive, is unlike any other. It’s the way I feel about Hubby actually. How fitting as we mark the third year since we said “I do”.

It’s that constant woosh you experience as you propel up the tracks of a roller coaster, knowing a huge drop is about to come. You’re enticed, pumped, ready for anything, and you know whatever happens next is going to be quite the thrill. That I-just-can’t-wait, fairytale, larger than life, gets better every moment kind of thing. It’s true for our commitment both to each other and to really, really good food.

As we head out to throw ourselves into the culture and cuisine of one of the top rated places to eat in the world, I invite you to join me on my Facebook and Twitter pages, (if you haven’t done so already!) so you can share in my journey!

That’s SO Jenn will return one week from today, with stories, recipes and culinary tales. Have a delicious week my friends!


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