That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: Red, White and Blue Dessert Bark


That's SO Jenn R,W,B chocolate bark

Our July 4th countdown continues with one of my favorite go-to desserts: bark! This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink recipe can be made with milk, dark or white chocolate, and pretty much any yummy add-ins you can think of. So dream big, people.

For the occasion, I’ve represented our color scheme using a white chocolate base mixed with shredded coconut, dried cranberries, dehydrated strawberries, dried blueberries and some slivered almonds for an extra crunch. It’s a sweet, chewy, tropical, fun-to-break-a part, summery snack. Not feeling the fruit? Toss in red and blue MnMs,

sprinkles, jelly beans…whatever makes you happy!

It’s very simple to prepare, a great way to involve kids in the kitchen, and you can make it days in advance leaving you with more prep time for entertaining. Yea, America!


White melting chocolate or chocolate chips

Equal parts dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries, dehydrated strawberries

Handful of slivered almonds (optional)

Handful of shredded coconut (optional)


Create a double broiler by adding about a cup of water to the bottom of a pot, bringing it to a boil, and placing a smaller pot inside.



Add white chocolate to the smaller pot and stir constantly over medium-high heat until melted. (Add a touch of cream or milk if having difficulty.)

IMG_5659 IMG_5661 IMG_5663

Remove pot from heat, then pour in dried fruit, coconut and almonds.

IMG_5664 IMG_5666 IMG_5667 IMG_5669 IMG_5670

Mix well.


Transfer to a parchment lined cookie sheet, fold over, and flatten to spread evenly.


Freeze for at least ten minutes.


Eat and enjoy breaking it into pieces or letting your guests have a hand at their own!

Stay tuned for my Independence Day TV segment on Tuesday July 2nd at 12:30 on CT Style News 8! Want even more recipe ideas for entertaining on 4th? Check out last year’s themed TV spot!

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