That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: Red, White and Blue Party Punch


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Remember those firecracker ice pops we had as a kid? The cherry, white lemon and blue raspberry rocket-ship-looking, drip-down-your-arm in the hot sun, sticky, frozen delights?  They instantly bring me back to field day in elementary school, cooling off with one after our color war relay races. Or at day camp once we finished a few intense rounds of red rover.

Well, if those popsicles were turned into a drink, this is exactly what I would imagine it to be. I’ve seen various versions of this layered beverage all over lately, to the point where two of my close friends separately sent me photos of it saying it would be great on the blog. Although, all of my July 4th countdown recipes thus far have been That’s SO Jenn originals, I couldn’t help but give this one a try to share with all of you.

You can definitely make it your own thanks to the many varieties of red, white and blue liquids available. The whole secret to executing this aesthetic masterpiece is that the highest sugar content goes on the bottom, and you work your way up from there. It’s that simple. Just take a look at the labels on each bottle to figure out the order, and play around with diet/sugar free options as well as regular.  You can use cranberry juice, Gatorade, Powerade, fruit punch, coconut milk etc. This one is non-alcoholic, but you can get creative with a liquored-up version. How about blue curacao, Malibu rum and grenadine?

Initially, I attempted to create this with white lemon sorbet to mimic the aforementioned firecracker pops, but sadly it didn’t work out the way I imagined. It seems it must be done strictly with liquids. All the versions I’ve seen use three layers, but I only used two because I felt the white ice gave it just the trio I was looking for. If you would prefer to add a third, Sprite Zero or Diet 7Up would work great.

Fill your glass with ice, pour each color over the cubes so they don’t mix together, stick in a patriotic parasol and enjoy for the 4th!


Red Powerade

Blue Diet Powerade

Ice (Star shaped is great here!)


Fill your glass with ice.


Slowly pour red Powerade about half way into the glass.

TSJ glass2

Slowly pour blue diet Powerade over top, being sure to spill onto the ice, not the red drink.

TSJ glass3

TSJ glass 4

Drink and enjoy with a patriotic parasol!

TSJ glass 5

Stay tuned for my Independence Day TV segment on Tuesday July 2nd at 12:30 on CT Style News 8! Want even more recipe ideas for entertaining on 4th? Check out last year’s themed TV spot!

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