That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: American Flag Dessert Pizza


That's SO Jenn's American Flag Cookie Pie

Hubby was looking up “America pants” online last week. You know what I’m talking about, right? The loose-fitting flared rapper ones made popular by MC Hammer back in the day. The pair he searched for had red and white stripes on one leg and blue with white stars on the other. Like a walking flag. He was only joking about getting them (I think), just like I was (basically) joking about wearing a bald eagle costume for the second half of our party. (Which actually stemmed from my friend bringing up a group discussion about where we could find a real bird for the occasion...)

We all may get just a little too excited about the day.

Anyway… American flags and 4th of July clearly go hand-in-hand, so in addition to having one blowing in the wind, why not create an edible version for dessert? Whether you’re looking for a patriotic centerpiece to display at your house on Thursday or are bringing something to a friend’s pot luck, this will surely set the tone for your festivities.

You’ve seen me prepare cookie cakes or dessert pizzas here before, both for That’s SO Jenn’s Father’s Day/Summer Burgers on the Grill Cake and That’s SO Jenn’s NYE Cookie Clock Cake. In theory, it’s a giant sugar cookie (who doesn’t love an oversized cookie?!), but it can also be cut into triangles, served pizza style.

This whole concept is so simple and allows you to be as creative as you want! Make the flag shape as you see here, or go free-style with red, white and blue candies of your choice. It’s a fantastic way to get your kids involved in the kitchen! If they’re old enough, you can leave the frosting and decorating to them while you work on your other July 4th party treats! Tune in to my CT Style News 8 segment tomorrow at 12:30 pm tomorrow to see how its done!


Sugar cookie recipe OR 1 package sugar cookie mix

½ cup butter (for mix only)

1 egg (for mix only)

Vanilla royal icing recipe OR

1 container white frosting (vanilla, cream cheese, buttercream)

Red Twizzlers pull and peels, pulled apart or any red rope candy

York peppermint drops or red and blue MnMs


Prepare sugar cookie dough according to instructions.




Transfer the dough onto a pizza pan.


Using plastic wrap, evenly spread the dough onto the pan, pizza style.



Bake about 10 minutes or until lightly golden and a fork placed in the center comes out clean.

IMG_5692 IMG_5695

Once cooled, spread with frosting, leaving a border around the edges for your ‘crust’.



Imagine your cookie is divided into fourths and alternate blue and white candies along the top left portion, creating stars.


Fill in the rest of the dessert pizza with red Twizzlers, creating stripes.



Eat and enjoy while wearing America pants!

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Tune in TOMORROW for my Independence Day TV segment at 12:30 on CT Style News 8! Want even more recipe ideas for entertaining on 4th? Check out last year’s themed TV spot!


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