Save-the-Date Chocolate Lollipops *As Seen in Engagement 101 Magazine*



Getting married or looking to save a very important date? These lollipops are the perfect favor for your guests!

Informal Engagement Party at Home (As published in this month’s issue of Engagement 101 Magazine)

The theme of an engagement party is to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, so milk that for all its worth! Handmade save-the-date desserts will surely have your friends and family clearing their schedules for the big day. Creamy chocolate lollipops decorated with an edible calendar are a playful focal point for any dessert table, and a perfect parting gift when your guests leave. I mean, who doesn’t love snacks on a stick?

Incorporate your color scheme with coordinating melting chocolates (available in a rainbow of options), or if you’re more of the DIY type, you can experiment with various shades of food coloring to get your perfect match.

These sweet little wedding day reminders make a unique party favor that won’t put a dent in your budget. Wrap each pop in cellophane treat bags and tie them with decorative ribbon so your guests can easily take one home.

To help play up the décor, place the pops in a short vase filled with candy, scatter them around the room or display your creations as a simple centerpiece. Push the sticks into a lollipop tree or a block of foam core decorated with photos of you and your fiancé for a no-fuss arrangement.

Want an extra hand? Invite your mom, future mother-in-law and bridesmaids over to help you dip, decorate and assemble. It’s a great opportunity to have a ladies’ night while they help you prepare for the celebration.

Best of all, chocolates have a longer shelf life than baked goods so you can make these in advance, leaving you free to focus on last minute details.

Save-The-Date Chocolate Lollipops 


Any color/flavor melting chocolate (Measurements vary based on amount of pops and size of molds)

Food coloring, if desired

White cookie icing (or any contrasting color)

Heart shaped sprinkles

You will also need:

Square lollipop molds

Lollipop sticks

Cellophane bags



Melt chocolates according to package directions (typically microwaved in intervals.) If using food coloring, mix in to find your perfect color.


Pour melted chocolate into your mold, leveling off at the top, as shown here. Add sticks. Allow each lollipop to harden before gently pushing them out.

Using your cookie icing, write your wedding month at the top.


Add the date.


Signify calendar days with rows of heart-shaped confetti, using frosting as glue.


Package with cellophane and ribbon.


Eat and enjoy in a vase filled with candy!


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