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Hubby and I have a recipe in the works, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out. The final product won’t be ready until this winter, but well worth the wait. There are only a few ingredients, but in an effort to keep this site from being blocked, I am unable to provide step-by-step photos. Have you guessed what we’re making?

That’s right! Hubby and I are having a baby! We are overjoyed by this gift, and it’s about time I share the news with all of you. What occasion could be more fitting than on LABOR DAY?! We’ve felt very protective of our special secret thus far, but I must admit, it’s been difficult talking to you each day while hiding the most important thing we’ve ever done!

Although my original plan was to wait until everyone noticed my growing belly on TV with CT Style, Hubby and I finally gave in and let my brother (Future Uncle Jeff!) put the word out there on Facebook. It’s so funny how everything becomes so public in this world we live in now. I suppose Hubby and I were seeking some time to enjoy the moment for ourselves, and share with our family and friends before letting it go viral.

However, once we did, it actually felt like a weight was lifted because we didn’t have to hold it in anymore! The responses have been overwhelmingly thoughtful and kind. We can actually feel the love. The greatest compliment of all: that we will be great parents. That means so very much to me. Hubby and I are beyond overjoyed for this opportunity to be an even stronger team, and enter this next step of our marriage together. Even this writer is without words to express it. I literally lay awake at night because I’m too excited to sleep!

We first shared the news with our families on Father’s Day (how appropriate, right?), then heard the heartbeat right before our 4th of July party, making for some pretty fantastic celebrations. We hit the 12-week mark (entering the ‘safe zone’) during Hubby’s birthday weekend, which gave us yet another chance to enjoy multiple festivities with some of our favorite people. Although any time would have been incredible, it couldn’t have been more perfect to have been surrounded by our family and closest friends during all these major milestones. We feel so very blessed.

The running joke is that I’ve been on a pregnancy announcement tour, constantly making arrangements to see different people so I could share the update in person, or reach out to those far away over the phone. (My mom seriously planned breakfast, lunch and dinner with different friends for a two-week span so she could let everyone know she is going to be a grandma. It was so sweet!)

We made a point of coming up with creative ways to reveal the news each time, so we’ve had a lot of fun with our clever deliveries! Tears of joy, high-pitched screams (and often laughter!) always ensued, which made it even more fun to keep reliving it.

I’m glad to officially have you be part of this beautiful journey. You have a lot to look forward to as I fulfill every craving, and share the results on That’s SO Jenn! And I promise. Here and now. Never to post a single pickle and ice cream recipe. You have my word.

Stay tuned for my next TV segment! Wednesday September 4th at 12:30PM on CT Style News 8!

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  1. Congratulations! Here’s a tip from my pregnancy (last year): always have a bottle of water and some saltines handy. Saltines help when you’re feeling nauseated. =]

    Look forward to reading more about the journey!

    • Thank you and congratulations to you as well on becoming a mommy! I’ve been drinking a ton of water and saltines were my friend for a while:) You’ll read all about my cravings very soon!

  2. Wonderful News!! Mazel Tov Paula & Harold Taub (Sharyl Ackerman’s Mom & Dad) Happy and Healthy New Year to both of you, your parents and your grandparents

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