TSJ’s 2-Ingredient, High Protein Ranch Dip



What if I told you it was possible to enjoy an entire bowl of Ranch flavored dip that was packed with tons of protein (24g to be exact!), was low in fat/calories, and can be made in about 30 seconds?

Are you ready to have your mind blown? It’s a little something I came up with for my healthy back-to-school snack TV segment on CT Style News 8 the whole family will love. The main component is good-for-you whipped cottage cheese (remember?), a smoother, ricotta-like version of its curdier friend.

Add a bit of Ranch seasoning mix and poof! (You can even say ‘Poof!’ if you want to. Go ahead. You won’t do it…) 

You get a healthy, guilt-free dip you can pair with crisp vegetables, whole grain chips and my personal favorite, pretzel flats. The perfect addition to your muffin tin snack dish, I MAY have eaten the whole thing in my car after shooting the segment...

You too will be sure to keeping coming back for more. And you should.



3/4 cup Friendship low-fat whipped cottage cheese

1/2 tablespoon Ranch soup and dip mix (I used Lipton)


It doesn’t get easier than this…

Measure whipped cottage cheese into a bowl.


Add seasoning.


Mix well.


Eat and enjoy with some vibrant veggies! Perhaps you can play the color game with your children first?



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