It’s A…Gender Reveal Party!



Gender reveal parties are a big trend these days, and a really fun way to celebrate pregnancy. (You know us, we love any excuse to revel in a joyous occasion! ) While not everybody finds out what they’re having before their due date, many are not only learning the information, but also announcing it playfully among family and friends. Personally, I was way too excited to start planning now rather then waiting until the winter, and lucky for me, Hubby wanted to know as well. (We felt it was a surprise any day we found out!)

When I first heard about

this gender reveal concept, the idea was for a couple to ask the ultrasound tech to write down the sex and seal it in an envelope. The parents-to-be would then bring the news to a bakery and have them prepare a cake with either pink or blue filling inside. Family and friends would gather around while the couple cut the cake together, much like on their wedding day!

Since then, I’ve learned about tons of reveals, some which involve the future mom and dad not knowing, and others when they are in on the secret. Everything from opening a large box to release either pink or blue balloons, providing each guest with a package to pop open revealing appropriately colored confetti, having the mom-to-be unwrap either a girl’s or boy’s baby outfit, and even giving everyone packets of Kool-Aid powder (they all appear white at first) to pour into glasses of water that transform into either a shade of pink lemonade or blue raspberry.

I love the creativity in each of these options, yet knew for my own, it clearly seemed most appropriate to incorporate something related to food (obviously!) With the original cake cutting idea in mind, I decided upon cupcakes so each guest could have an individual reveal. It felt more personal that way, especially considering Hubby and I were already informed of the result.

I used light pink and blue polka dotted wrappers, then decorated each with a sprinkle of opposite colored sugar. To play towards the theme, they were arranged in the shape of a question mark.



I wrote and designed a rhyming invitation to send to our guests, and created some simple blue and pink decor. ‘It’s a girl’ and ‘It’s a boy’ Hershey’s Kisses were scattered on either side of baby onesie frames that sat in front of mason jars filled with color coordinated dot candy papers and lollipops.




Playing to both our families favorite, I chose peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (they were a little more appropriate this time!). For the filling, I used some help from the store with Betty Crocker’s easy-to-use aerosol can of colorful cake icing.

We asked each person to give their final guess (some even wore clothing to reflect what they thought!), then rolled the video camera while everyone unwrapped a cupcake. On the count of three, everyone took a big bite to reveal the color while Hubby and I said in unison, “IT’S….A….



It was such a memorable day filled with tons of laughter (and happy tears!) that we’ll cherish forever!

Check out our pregnancy announcement here!

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