Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Dip



Does anyone else eat pumpkin pie strictly for the filling? Like, the crust is good, but you look at it more as a delivery device for the yummy spiced center rather than a necessity? With that in mind, I was trying to come up with a socially acceptable way to dive into the good stuff without making a whole mess and offending others (I’ve found most people aren’t as tempted to cut a slice of dessert when someone else has already torn through it…) My solution? A dip. Because you know I just love dips.

When I first thought of this idea I was hesitant to give it a try. What if it is absolutely delicious, and I’m home alone with an oversized bowl, and no one even has to know I made it in the first place?

I took the risk. It was delicious. I was home alone with the oversized bowl. And I did eat my fair share. ‘Hmm, this is really good. Let me try again to make sure it’s positively fantastic. Yup, but just for good measure, I should have onnnne more taste…’

With only two ingredients and zero measuring or baking involved, you can start enjoying almost immediately. Serve the whole batch in a carved out pumpkin for your Halloween party, divvy it up amongst social gatherings, or save some in the freezer (most of it will fit right back into your Cool Whip container!) then thaw out or enjoy frozen when ready.


Dig in with low-fat graham crackers or just use a spoon. I can tell you from personal experience both ways are just fabulous.



1 (30 oz.) can pumpkin pie filling

1 container Fat Free Cool Whip, thawed

Graham crackers for dipping


Empty pumpkin pie filling into a large mixing bowl.


Add Cool Whip.


Mix well.



Eat and enjoy with graham crackers!

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