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We’re getting ready to host our annual Halloween bash this weekend, and I’m always looking for twists on those favorite party treats. Caramel apples are a sure-fire hit, but with so many options on our dessert table, it’s a lot to finish a whole one. In the past, I’ve done a fondue version, which eliminated having to dispose of the core and stick (aka finding them left in random places of the house!)

Staying with that theme, I’ve pre-dunked apple slices for my guests, coating them in a black and orange candy crumb for the occasion. Want to add another layer of decadence? Spread peanut butter or chocolate ganache onto the apples before dunking them in the caramel sauce!  So insanely decadent, I dare you to try it!

Just slice, dip and coat!



Lemon juice

Caramel Dip (low-fat or regular)

Halloween sprinkles, cookie crumbs, chocolate and peanut butter chips etc.

Peanut butter or chocolate ganache, optional


Slice apples and sprinkle with lemon juice to keep them from oxidizing (that brownish color that appears when exposed to the air).

Dip the bottom half of each apple slice in caramel sauce, using a small knife to help cover evenly.

Coat in festive topping of your choice.

Eat and enjoy for Halloween!

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