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Many years ago, I was walking into my parents house at night when a bat flew over my head! I screamed! With shaky hands and a pounding heart, I called Hubby (who was then ‘Boyfriend’) to tell him about my encounter. His response? “Imagine how the bat felt! You probably scared her too, and I bet she raced back to her cave to tell her boyfriend all about it.”

With that good laugh, I got over the fear, and used it as inspiration to create a tasty Halloween treat. (Art imitates life, right?) I came up with these Nutella no-bake truffles for my friend’s birthday last year (after getting such positive feedback from my no-bake peanut butter MnM gems!), and they were exactly what I needed to pull this off.

Chocolate hazelnut balls of decadence are flagged with half a cookie on either side to form wings. And that’s it. No fancy tools, piping skills or foreign ingredients necessary. Make them with your kids and serve them up this weekend!


*Makes 24*

1 8oz. package Neufchatel cheese

1 cup Nutella

1 cup chocolate Cheerios

1 cup hazelnuts

2 tablespoons honey

About 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Chocolate cookies (Keebler Fudge Stripes or Grasshopper cookies work well here)


Pulse chocolate Cheerios in your food processor to form crumbs.



In a separate mixing bowl, add Neufchatel cheese.


Scoop in Nutella.


Drizzle in honey.


Add hazelnuts.


And Cheerio crumbs.


Mix well (you can throw it back into your food processor or mixer to make it easier.)


Portion each truffle (I used a cookie scoop!) and toss into a bowl filled with cocoa powder.


Coat all around, using your hands to shape into a ball, shaking off any excess.


Place each truffle onto a parchment lined baking sheet.


Freeze for a half hour.


Cut a slit into each ‘side’ of the truffle.


Slice cookies in half.


Stick a cookie into each slit for bat wings. If using fudge stripes, face the chocolate side forward.


Refrigerate until ready to serve. Eat and enjoy this spooky treat!


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