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We’re all familiar with hot chocolate, but what about a cozy cup of hot vanilla? It’s sweet and comforting, topped with mounds of whipped cream, chewy mini marshmallows and bejeweled with rainbow sprinkles. The best part?

It’s no fuss. You probably have all the ingredients right in your kitchen!

My lovely cousin Claire recently introduced me to the idea, and I was immediately intrigued. Why didn’t I think of that? Her mom Kathleen (incredibly witty, passionate writer of must-read blog, The Mommy Chronicles) makes this using Madagascar vanilla–a bit pricy, but she promises it’s totally worth it.

Myself? I experimented with the ordinary extract in my cabinet, and it was delish, so I can only imagine what it will be like when I upgrade next time!

This is such a unique idea for dessert drinks while entertaining (possibly for Thanksgiving), lots of fun for kids, and so simple to prepare you can cuddle up with a mug of it any day of the week. Thanks cousins!


1 cup milk (or almond/soy)

1 teaspoon Madagascar vanilla extract

2 teaspoons sugar

Whipped cream

Sprinkles or non-perils


Pour milk into a mug and heat in the microwave for about two minutes, or until desired temperature.


Add vanilla.


Sprinkle in sugar.


Stir well.


Top with whipped cream.


Garnish with sprinkles or non-perils (I like the crunch in these tiny, colorful gems!)


Finish with mini marshmallows.


Drink and enjoy on a cold, rainy day!

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