That’s SO Jenn’s New Year’s Eve Cookie Clock Cake


With New Years Eve right around the corner, I wanted to remind you of this one from 2012! It’s a fun project to do with the kids, perfect for hosting a party of your own, and a show stopper for a festive pot luck. I was so excited when I came up with this idea (don’t you just love when a lightbulb goes off and your creative wheels spin?!), and didn’t want you to miss out! Let the countdown begin!



Hubby and I are going to a New Year’s Eve party tonight, and of course there is no way I would show up empty handed. I asked the hostess what she preferred me to bring, and she said if I really insisted, a dessert would be great. Obviously, I wanted to do something theme oriented, so I decided to give myself one last challenge for 2012.

I couldn’t think of a better way to represent the turning of the hour than with a clock, the universal way we all count down to midnight. After having so much fun creating my ‘burgers on the grill’ cookie cake, I realized this was the perfect canvas (and shape!) for my vision.

I’m so excited to share what I came up with because this is another one of those allusions I love–something that looks impressive, but really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to execute.

Whether you’re looking forward to starting a fresh 365 days ahead, ready to simply enter the month of January or just pumped to begin a new day, we can always find a reason to celebrate!


Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

1 egg

1 stick of butter

Chocolate chips

4 Hershey’s kisses

Small square chocolate covered wafers or graham crackers

Betty Crocker white cookie writing icing

2 Pirouline rolled wafer cookies

Star shaped confetti sprinkles

You will also need: 1 pizza pan (disposables are available in your grocery store’s baking aisle)


Prepare sugar cookie dough according to instructions by adding softened butter and one egg to the mix.



Transfer dough to your pizza pan.


Smooth dough to the edges of the pan using plastic wrap and a rolling pin for easing distribution.



Bake about 15 minutes, until slightly golden and allow to cool.


Ready to decorate? Snap the tip of your writing icing at a slight angle, close to the bottom to ensure a thin point.


Unwrap your Hershey’s kisses and use your writing icing to ‘glue’ them on to the cookie cake.



Place your kisses at the north, south, east and west points of the cookie.


Spread out your chocolate covered wafers and use your writing icing to individually pipe numbers 1-12.



Use your writing icing to adhere each of the numbers to your clock.


Follow the Hershey’s kisses as a guideline, playing around with the spacing first before you stick them on.



To create seconds, one at a time (ha), lightly squeeze writing icing onto each chocolate chip and spread out three in between each number. A real clock has four, but a cookie clock has whatever fits!



For the hands, cut your Pirouline into two different sizes. One will be in half and the other will be about one third.


Attach each of the Piroulines with your writing icing, facing them towards the number 12.



Finally, use a touch of writing icing to place your confetti stars onto the clock to symbolize the striking of midnight (as seen above).




Eat and enjoy a very happy new year!


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