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This weekend is Mother’s Day (my very first as a mommy!), and one of the biggest go-tos for gift giving is a floral arrangement. My mom, however, is not a flower person, but what she is a fan of is dessert. Therefore, I’ve combined the best of both worlds with this edible bouquet of chocolate cupcakes, designed to look like a pot of blooms.

This is such a great occasion to get your kids in the kitchen (MnM sat in her bouncy seat while I made them, and I alllllmost got frosting on her, but managed not to. #momoftheyear)

You have total creative

leeway to make these any way you choose–It’s always exciting to see a vision come to life! The chocolate cupcakes represent ‘dirt’, which I enhanced with chocolate icing and chocolate cookie crumbs in the empty spaces. Various colored frosting, piping tips, sprinkles and even candy can transform your ordinary baked goods into a luscious garden.

When Hubby first took a look, he thought they were real and asked who sent them to me! He was definitely excited to learn that instead of being watered, they were meant to be eaten!


Your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe

Pink Betty Crocker Decorating Icing (Comes in a variety of colors, all with their own selection of piping tips!)

Chocolate frosting for dirt (Pillsbury Easy Frost works great here)

Chocolate cookies for dirt crumbs

Colorful candies like MnMs

Non perils or decorative edible gems

You will also need:

Flower pot

Ribbon, if desired


Bake cupcakes according to directions.


Allow to cool.


Create a flower look by using various piping tips.



Embellish with edible pearls.



And non perils.


Or use candy to make a more playful flower design after frosting.


Assemble cupcakes into flower pot. I turned a bowl upside down to help prop them up.


Squeeze chocolate frosting into the spaces between each cupcake.


Crumble chocolate cookies.


Sprinkle crumbs onto chocolate frosting to represent dirt.


Tie your flower pot with ribbon, if desired.


Eat and enjoy the sweetest smelling flowers around!



Stay tuned for Emma’s TV debut on our Mother’s Day segment with CT Style! This Friday May 9th at 12:30pm on News 8!

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