*Cheers to 2015!*


2014 will forever be the year we welcomed our sweet MnM into the world. It will go down in our personal history as the time we became parents; the year all our dreams came true. And while in the past, I always yearned for a fresh start- the beginning of a new- I can’t help, but want to hold on to this time just a little bit longer. Today marks the true meaning behind ‘what a difference a year makes’. Last December 31st, Hubby and I were kissing to the dropping ball through my teary-eyes, with a giant, moving belly beneath us. We were full of hope and possibilities. There was so much on the horizon, and we could hardly wait another day to meet our little girl.

Now? It’s been nothing but laughter and joy for the past 9 (almost ten) months, experiencing the world all over again. Everything has just felt brighter since MnM came along. She’s enhanced the good and made the not-so-good, really great. It’s been a time for learning and growing, becoming even closer with the man I am lucky enough to call my husband and my best friend.

It’s been a time where I’ve felt more love than I ever knew possible. Genuine love towards others, and love that has been given and shown to us. It’s been a time where each season, each holiday, and each moment left me feeling rejuvineated.

It’s been a time full of milestones as Emma first learned to roll over, pull herself up in her crib, crawl and climb the stairs. It was a time when she said her first words and sounds, understanding so many concepts. It’s been a time where I’ve strenghtend ties with existing relationships, truly knowing who is close to me. It’s been a time where I’ve developed new friendships with other moms whom I chat with almost daily, and get together with multiple times a week–A wonderful group of woman who I get to be myself around, while we share experiences and watch our children grow up together. Something I always hoped I would have. 

And lastly, it was a time for exciting celebrations as Hubby and I both turned 30, both embraced new career opportunities (GE for him/Buzzfeed, Rachel Ray exposuresite relaunch for me!), and experienced trips, parties and even the simplest of times, in pure bliss.

Just last night as we put MnM in cozy pjs after bath, Hubby turned to me and said ‘Can you even believe this is our life now?’ We both feel beyond blessed with all the magical memories we’ve made.

So as we are about to ‘goodbye’ to the past 365 days, I also want to say ‘thank you’ to 2014. It will be remembered as a time when I began each day with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Not just for myself, but for all the blessings others around me have received. Many of my dear friends welcomed babies this year, found out they are expecting, got engaged, made career advances, and found the true happiness they’ve been looking for. It was a time of celebration for all of us, and the positive vibe runs through my veins like sheer electricity. This was a time when more than ever, I lived my life. Best of all, I got to do it while being surrounded by my incredibly supportive, fun, generous family and the beautiful people I get to call friends.

The humbleness and appreciation I feel fills my heart with such joy, and I can only wish for more of the same in 2015.

Below, That’s SO Jenn’s annual well wishes:

As we say farewell to 2014, we reflect upon all the delicious foods we’ve encountered. There were new things we were brave enough to taste, many we’ve shared with family, friends and partners, others we’ve indulged in, and some that maybe weren’t as palatable as we may have liked.

Some things we have to work hard to prepare, while other fortunate situations are handed to us on a silver platter. Occasionally, we may be limited to a prix fixe menu, and in other moments we are given a buffet full of options.

Sometimes we are told things that have to marinate in our minds for a while, while others are easy to digest. Some days we are forced to eat and run, and in other situations we can sit and dine through many plates. Some things don’t quite stay fresh forever, and others, like a good cheese, get better over time.

Life is full of flavor and we never know what will be brought to the table next. Whatever your traditions may be, or what meal you enjoy this evening, take a moment to be grateful for being able to satisfy life’s hungers in oh so many ways.

Thank you for making That’s SO Jenn part of your lives. I look forward to all that is in store as we dig in to the next course together.

I wish you a New Year:

as bubbly as champagne,

as comforting as a bowl of chicken soup,

as healthy as a bushel of kale,

as exciting as a box of chocolates,

as sweet as honeydew,

as symbolic as birthday cake,

as meaningful as a family recipe,

as warm as a cup of coffee,

as fulfilling as a loaf of bread,

and as full of variety as the spice of life has to offer.

Cheers to a beautiful 2015!

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