Handmade Ricotta Gnocchi


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WARNING: Don’t make this for anyone you don’t want to be friends with for a really long time. They’ll keep coming back when they taste this.

If homemade ricotta wasn’t impressive enough, how about using it as a base for these incredible, hand rolled pasta pillows? With only three (!) ingredients and no fancy gadgets or machines, you can prepare these fresh gnocchi in no time. Better yet, make them in advance, freeze, and have them as readily available as the packaged version. They cook in only a matter of minutes!

One of the trade-offs of Hubby working at GE in our very town (!) instead of his former commute to the city is that he will have to travel a bit. When he came home from his first business trip, I wanted to have a gourmet dinner waiting to show him how much MnM and I missed having him here. (Big mistake making something this delicious–he’ll probably schedule trips knowing what meals will await his arrival!)

I made a simple sauce of earthy mushrooms, shallots and fresh time which truly gave the gnocchi an opportunity to sing. (Recipe to come!) The light mixture complemented the richness of pasta, but feel free to pair it with any sauce of your choice!


Recipe given to me by Chef Toni Sapienza of Toni’s Tuscan Table

2 cups all purpose flour

2 cup ricotta (try it with homemade!)

2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Beat eggs and stir in ricotta.

Add flour a little at a time so the mixture is not too dry.

Season with salt and pepper.

Form dough into long, thin logs. (See photos)

Cut smaller pieces to form gnocchi.

Press with teeth of a fork if desired.

Eat and enjoy with mushroom recipe.

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