How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party (plus the big news for Teresa!) *As Seen on CT Style News 8*


It was just one year ago I was on air sharing tips from my own gender reveal party, but this morning I had the honor of throwing one for CT Style co-host Teresa Dufour! With her first baby due this June, we wanted to find a special way to share it with her loyal viewers.

Find the recipes and ideas below, then watch the clip of the big news! Check out my last How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party segment for more inspiration!

How To: Bake your favorite cupcake recipe (I used peanut butter ones!) and use a piping tip or Betty Crocker’s frosting in a can to fill them with either pink or blue. Simply cut out a small hole when the cupcake cools, then fill, replace missing cake and top with frosting! Using festive ‘baby’ cupcake wrappers and decorate with pink or blue sprinkles. Display them in the shape of a question mark to keep everyone wondering before they bite in!IMG_2473


How To: Simply melt pink or blue melting chocolates according to packaged directions, then coat washed and dried strawberries, and harden on wax paper!

How To: Spoon your leftover melting chocolate (save money for baby’s college fund and be resourceful!) onto a sheet of wax paper. Using the back of the spoon as if you were putting sauce on a pizza, create a large circle. Embellish with an MnM question mark to go with the theme.


How To: Whip up for favorite brownie recipe and bake in mini muffin tins. Use a piping tip (or frosting in a can!) to add pink and blue dollops in the center.


Bumble Bee Cake How To:


1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 pint (2 cups) whipping cream, chilled

1 package (9-ounce) Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers

A few drops of yellow food coloring


In a large mixing bowl, combine whipping cream and vanilla. Beat with electric mixer until stiff peaks form.

Spread a teaspoon of whipped cream onto each wafer, remembering you need a lot for frosting. Stack wafers together, then stand on edge on a serving platter to make a log. Frost with remaining whipped cream.

Refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.

Cut dessert diagonally into 14 slices. Store leftover cake in refrigerator. Add MnM eyes (I used a pink and blue) with a touch of frosting for ‘glue’.


How To: Serve up sparkling pink and blue mocktails for the mom to be with a little help from the store! Try pink lemonade mix or blue Gatorade with seltzer.

Get your guests involved by having them vote on what they think you’re having! Large plastic baby bank bottles from Party City have a slot to place a piece of paper, and are clear so others can view how it stacks up! “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” Hershey’s Kisses are a colorful way to offer an extra sweet treat. Kisses for the little one!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.27.16 AM


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