Ross Gellar’s Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich


Welcome to one of my most favorite weekends of the year, when we sit around in comfy clothes, bing-watch TV, and eat yesterday’s pie right from the tin. It’s gluttonous, it’s relaxing, and requires only reheating—perfect for everyone still recovering from their food coma, and in no position to cook.

This one is for all my die-hard Friends fans, who I’m sure have been as curious as I have about the classic episode where Ross describes Monica’s Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. It had no specific instructions other than the secret ingredient; a piece of gravy soaked bread in the middle, known as the moist maker. Although if this aired in 2015, they would most certainly do away with the nationally loathed word ‘moist’, but I digress.

Whether you just hosted a houseful or were a guest in someone’s home, we all have at least some post-feast grub in our fridge. This napkin-required sandwich can be filled with whatever you desire. I chose a few of the most classic components: Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and of course, the gravy soaked bread.

So after years of dreaming about making this a reality, here’s how it went down: While my third piece of bread was soaking, I piled the bottom slice with turkey and mashed potatoes, then layered on the gravy-bathed middle slice, topped it with stuffing and cranberry sauce, and sealed the deal with a final carb blanket.

You could totally add a yummy melting cheese like swiss or gouda, but I kept this authentic to just what was leftover from the meal.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty freakin’ awesome. I mean, could it BE anymore delicious? Chef Monica was definitely on to something!

Eat and enjoy with your favorite friends. And don’t forget your Thanksgiving pants.

  • 3 slices of bread



    Mashed Potatoes

    Cranberry Sauce


  • Soak one slice of bread in gravy.

    Layer turkey and mashed potatoes onto first slice of bread.

    Cover with gravy soaked bread.

    Top with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

    Cover with third slice of bread.

    Eat on the couch while watching Netflix.



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