TSJ’s Cranberry Moscow Mule


Cheers to the holidays, when you spend your time cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, visiting…In other words, a welcomed time for a big, fat cocktail! After a neighborhood wine night had me hooked on refreshing apple cider moscow mules, I was determined to find a twist for winter. Mission accomplished.

I kept the usual suspects; ginger vodka (I infused my own thanks to a neighborly tip from my friend Candice, but you can buy it already prepared!) and ginger beer, which has zero alcohol content, and is similar to using tonic water.

Tart cranberry juice adds a vibrant pop of color, while a garnish of aromatic mint leaves and tasty fresh cranberries looks just like holly. Its crystal sugared rim is gorgeous for any festive party, while the sweet, tangy, bubbly combination makes for a smooth drink you’ll be longing for through New Year’s Eve.

It’s good to the last drop.

last drop

2 oz. Ginger beer

2 oz. Ginger vodka (See instructions for how to infuse your own)

4 oz. Cranberry juice (light or regular)

2-3 fresh mint leaves

Small handful of fresh cranberries

Red decorating sugar for rim (optional)

Lime juice if making sugared rim

If infusing vodka, pour vodka into a pitcher or large bowl.

Wash and peel ginger, then cut into large pieces.

Allow to sit for at least a few days.

Strain vodka over a mesh sieve into a bowl, leaving ginger in strainer and newly infused alcohol in bowl. Use a funnel to pour it back into original bottle or serving pitcher.

Rim glass by turning it upside down onto a small plate of lime juice, then immediately onto a small plate of red decorating sugar.

Stir together ginger beer, ginger vodka and cranberry juice.

Pour drink over ice into rimmed glass.

Garnish with fresh mint (slap between hands first to freshen up–a little bartending trick I learned)

Sprinkle in washed cranberries.

Drink and enjoy!


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