Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies with Nutella, Cookies and Creme, & Reese’s Cup Fillings


Forget the frilly hearts and pink and red everything. This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to fall madly, head over heels in love with these cookies.

I must confess, the origin of this ‘recipe’ comes from a rather embarrassing personal vice: Every time I bake chocolate chip cookies, I wait until nobody is looking and spread on an oozy-gooey glob of Nutella before taking a bite. This is no dainty event, but rather an all-in, covered with chocolate embarrassment of chomping then smothering, then eating again in such an urgent manner that it must occur in the privacy of my own kitchen if I wish to stay married or have any friends.

I’m convinced we all have shining moments like these, whether it’s eating leftovers right out of the fridge with the door still open or standing at the counter shoveling in pasta like we’ve never seen food before, or eating fistfulls of popcorn so barbarically that half ends up on the floor and the rest down your shirt. Hypothetically, of course….

My habit has gone on for quite some time, often experimenting with Cookies and Creme cookie butter or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup spread, respectively. (Biscoff cookie butter would be amazing here too…) Finally, I had to find a way to enjoy these in public. I just couldn’t sneak around anymore. And so, I began forming sandwiches (hello lunch!) with still-soft chocolate chip cookies and the aforementioned melty fillings. I’m pretty sure they are the reason I get invited to parties.

Your significant other will love them. Your kids will adore them. Keep everyone away. These are for you.

The sweet confections are insanely decadent (the kind where you involuntarily close your eyes and say, “Mmm” while chewing) and so addictive, you may have to cover your glass cake dome like I did to avoid them luring you in. It’s more than just a crush.

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Your favorite cookie recipe OR store-bought mix/bake-at-home

Classic Nestle Tollhouse is my go-to


Cookies and Cream spread

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup spread

Bake cookies according to instructions, pulling them out when cooked through, but soft on the inside.

Allow to cool slightly, then divide the cookies into pairs.

Spread on 1/2 teaspoon (or more!) Nutella, Cookies and Creme cookie butter, and Reeses’s PB spread (you can try Biscoff cookie butter too!) separately on the bottom of one cookie from each pair.

Top with plain chocolate chip cookie.

Eat and enjoy on Valentine’s Day and all year round!



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