Easy Peasy Fish Tacos


Fish tacos are one of my main go-tos at a Mexican restaurant, but I don’t always have time to head to the market for a fresh filet. Skip the battering, frying mess with healthy pre-made fish sticks (something we would typically turn our nose up at, but look how far brussels sprouts have come…), fiber-filled black beans, good-for-you avocado, hearty whole grain tortillas, nutty brown rice, and a light yogurt dressing to sub out the calorie-laden crema. A little punch of flavor from Hubby’s and my favorite, Tapatio sauce, adds a mildly sweet-spicy kick you’ll love!

Feel free to add any of your favorite fix-ins, or switch it up with one of my other versions: Swap the pickled veggies and tomatoes for arugula, chopped red onion, and mango salsa.

Dr. Praeger’s Frozen Fish Sticks (About 3 per taco)

Whole wheat tortillas (Or gluten free, if needed)

Black beans, rinsed and drained (1 tablespoon per taco)

Brown rice, prepared (2 tablespoons per taco)

Pepper jack cheese (1 slice per taco)

Avocado (1 tablespoon per taco)

Chopped fresh tomatoes

Trader Joe’s spicy pickled vegetables

Tapatilo sauce or hot sauce of choice

Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing

PAM Cooking Spray

Lightly pan fry fish sticks until golden on each side. Add a few drops of Tapatio, or hot sauce of choice.

Gently warm tortilla over pan, then lay flat on a plate.

Add a slice of pepper jack cheese.

Top with brown rice, black beans, fish, pickled vegetables, tomato and avocado.

Drizzle with dressing then fold in half.

Eat and enjoy this restaurant meal in your own home!

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