Spinach with Feta and Pinenuts *As Seen in OurSeder.com*


Although restricted eating during the upcoming week of Passover (April 22-April 30th) may feel like torture to anyone observing, not all foods are created equally. Enter: My family’s Spinach with feta and pinenuts.

Feeling like you’d rather “pass over” the heavy kugels and everything-bound-together-with-matzah-meal sides that make you feel as though you’ve swallowed a brick? This light, yet filling garlicky spinach plays beautifully with crunchy pine nuts and savory feta cheese for a vibrant dish you can enjoy hot at the Seder, then look forward to all week long!

I am happy to share That’s SO Jenn’s recipe on ourseder.com, the affiliate to its 2016 Haggadah, The Seder, available for purchase now.

The simply written, easy-to-follow text and beautiful, unique hand-made art work will keep you interested in the ritual dinner, even before getting to the symbolic meal. A special thank you to creators Liz Kaplan and Laura Stillman Carraro for including a piece of TSJ on your menu.

For more information and recipes, visit ourseder.com.


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