Being a Mom: A Mother’s Day Reflection


While every day feels like Mother’s Day, I am happy to reflect on what it means to me to be a Mom. It’s a role I dreamt of playing since I nurtured my dolls as a little girl, started my own babysitting business as a tween, and went on to teach briefly in my adult years. I’m forever thankful to my incredible daughter for making my heart the fullest it’s ever been. This is a magical journey, and I am truly enjoying the ride.

Being a mom is counting down the hours until bedtime, then spending the rest of the night looking at your child’s pictures and watching their videos.

Being a mom is getting genuinely excited about seeing a school bus, then realizing you are all alone. It’s rocking out to kids’ songs after you’ve dropped them off at school.

Being a mom is having an art gallery displayed on your fridge, and marveling at every beautiful brushstroke and brilliant line of crayon.

Being a mom is having stickers on your sliding glass doors, toys wedged between your couch cushions, and a Hansel and Gretel trail of milk on the floor.

Being a mom is driving around a Cheerio mobile…a goldfish aquarium on wheels…

Being a mom is finding a bottle or sippy cup past its prime that had rolled underneath your driver’s seat.

Being a mom is coming home from a fun night out, and secretly hoping your child will wake up for a hug. (And then go right back to sleep.)

Being a mom is needing time for yourself, and missing your kids when they aren’t with you. It’s going shopping hands-free, only to come back with their favorite snacks and a surprise gift.

Being a mom is being a team with your husband. Leaning on your Mommy friends. Needing your own mother more than ever.

Being a mom is calling said own mother in tears because your perfect angel won’t sit in the damn car seat, and you’re about to lose your mind. It’s calling her back five minutes later, giggling over the most adorably precious thing your little miracle just said that made you melt.

Being a mom is celebrating milestones. So many milestones.

Being a mom is seeing life through someone else’s eyes. Remembering everything is new to them. Stopping as they giddily observe colorful flowers blooming, a snowfall, a squirrel at play, the scent of fresh melon. It’s hoping it will be a long time before they become jaded to simple pleasures.

Being a mom is always answering “why?” It’s explaining things you never thought about in great detail.

Being a mom is constantly cleaning up and organizing.

Being a mom is stepping on tiny toys, barefoot.

Being a mom is testing your patience.

Being a mom is feeling frustrated on the inside, but putting on a smile and speaking in an upbeat high pitched tone while you carry an unwilling child like a football under your arm towards a distraction. Especially in public.”Oh wowwww, look at the trees!!”

Being a mom is tearing up at the bittersweet thought of your baby growing older.

Being a mom is relishing in saying “yes” because you can. And not being above bribery.

Being a mom is feeling like superwoman on some days, and on others, as though your proverbial cape is crumpled up in the laundry. Getting that mildew smell.

Being a mom is knowing all the answers and questioning your choices at the same time.

Being a mom is a shifted focus and awareness about things you never cared about before.

Being a mom is keeping track of all the recalls.

Being a mom is having a whole new appreciation for sitting in silence, peeing alone, and showering.

Being a mom is going on date night, and finding tiny hair bows at the bottom of your clutch.

Being a mom is that fine line between celebration and fear when they sleep longer than usual.

Being a mom is laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry, and if you’re lucky, sleeping when they sleep.

Being a mom is exhausting and invigorating all at once.

Being a mom is speaking in funny voices, singing silly songs, and narrating your every move with various intonations.

Being a mom is having an excuse to use your imagination, create with play dough and soar on the swings. You know…for the kids.

Being a mom is having a carefree dance party in your living room, and wondering how you got the coolest, funniest child ever.

Being a mom is a state of constant awe and amazement. The things they say, the moves they make, the details they remember, the concepts they understand. The fact that they are YOURS.

Being a mom is a snuggle session you never want to end.

Being a mom is the most thought-provoking, challenging job balanced by the most valuable reward. It’s the greatest gift and blessing, never to be taken for granted. Its waking up with a smile to the world’s cutest alarm clock. It’s hearing a little voice say, “I love you” and being needed 24/7/365. It’s getting to be called ‘Mommy.’ Its an ordinary happening made into an extraordinary experience with a unique bond to be cherished forever. Being a mom is wholeheartedly worth it. Being a mom is all I’ve ever wanted. Being a mom is my life.


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